Fruit King India


Our family is fully engaged in commercially managing agriculture business, especially in Alphonso mangoes from last 30 years under the guidance and supervision of our father Mr. Purshottam J. Ogale and his vision of the business was further expanded by us by widening market reach. We have well established farm of 150 acres which includes more than 2000 Devgad Alphonso Mango Trees & 600 Cashewnut Trees and other horticultural trees like Jackfruit, Kokam, etc.

We adopt the different agricultural practices as per the norms of euregap standards in our farm for food safety, environment safety and labour welfare respectively and also motivate the other Mango growers, Agricultural co-operative and Agricultural Agencies working and existing in the area. We use integrated pest & disease on the plants and fruits and have adequate post-harvest storage, handling and transportation facility.

About Alphonso Mango

So delicious!

Ogale... Mango pulp is made from naturally ripened king Alphonso mangoes, reputed to be the best in the world for their quality and delicious flavour. The mangoes are selectively hand-picked and then processed near the actual orchards, which are situated Konkan belt in Devgad, Maharashtra, India.(Latitude 016 -21N,Longitued 073-24-E) Mango is universally considered as one of the finest fruits in the world, and is aptly known as, "King of the Fruits."& king of mangos is Devgad Alphonso Mango For its pulp, Ogale... Mango only selects the very best of Alphonso mangoes, those with the right maturity, as these will give the optimum taste and aroma. Processing occurs within 4 hours of picking, to maintain the fruit’s freshness in flavour.

So versatile!

Not only is Ogale... Mango pulp delicious to eat on its own, but the real secret is to add it to create many fresh, exciting and healthy dishes. Try it with, ice cream, milk-shakes, Mango drinks – it’s not just for adults either, the kids will love it too, just mix it with anything!

So easy!

The wonderful thing about Ogale... Mango pulp is that is so much easier and quicker to use than whole mangoes – no peeling, cutting, chopping or pulping – just open and use!

So convenient!

The product, until opened has a shelf life of 24 months! Unlike tinned fruits, once open the mango pulp can continue to be stored in its pouch in the fridge. It can then be kept for 4 days at a refrigerated temperature of below 4 degrees Celsius. The pouches themselves have an easy-tear strip for ease of opening.

So healthy!

Alphonso mangoes are very rich in nutritional value, being rightly regarded as a ‘super-food’. Ogale... Mango pulp is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, a good source of potassium and beta carotene, high in fibre, deliciously rich in antioxidants and low glycemic index.

Ogale... Mango Pulp contains :

  1. No citric acid / No E numbers
  2. No artificial flavor’s
  3. No artificial Colors
  4. Suitable for vegetarian
  5. No Cholesterol
  6. No saturated fat
  7. No additives
  8. No thickeners